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Today, as all days… I’m with you

Posted by Mindamorphoser on Monday, February 25, 2008

This will be plain simple.
Straight from the fingers. No cuts.

Press play first, please… Thank you. Now, here I go…

Hard not to start with “I miss you”. I do. A lot. And even though I try my best not to think about it, I feel more and more nostalgic as days pass by and only “Diesel” makes me smile about it. Even just now. : )
I miss every single thing about you.
I can’t hear any slow song. Even if it’s one that didn’t come up on any talk we had, just that deep beat is enough to make me reach you in deeper (but sadder) thoughts.
All this is so meaningful. For it’s strenght and for making me realise how I’m feeling more and more of you into me.
I’m missing the stares at each other, with you not blinking and I blinking a lot… and how we kept staring and staring for no reason at all but happiness.
And for now… who will hold my hand on the street the way you do? Who will kiss me no matter who, what or where? Who will give me the joy of eating breakfast while laughing at everything we say or do? Who will caress my hair while I’m driving?
Shoooot, I miss you.
I keep telling myself days will go by fast until we meet again but I think days are moking me lately, they’ve slowed down in speed.
You know we started up with the questions: who are you? and: why the hell did we meet now? Well, I got two new ones for you: are you even real? and: could you be any more perfect?
Suits, anh? I guess it does, considering my lastest drops on romantic lines. Lol.
And for that matter, I can’t get enough of thanking you. Above all, you gave me someone and something to rely on… and it’s so calming.
Feels weird to think today meets our first month together or even to talk about it as a month. It’s not. You know it, I know it… You and I takes me way further back, to the time I knew everything about you in my head but didn’t have a face to put you with. I’m so glad now I do. You finally came, turned my life upside down and made me whole, love.
And so…

Thank “God” we’ll spend our second month anniversary together already, ’cause this suuuucks! : )

I love you so much. As much as I’m in love with you…
Jag älskar dig, min älskling. Grattis till oss. : )


It sounds so much better in english, doesn’t it?
Oh… and I apologise for any language mistakes.


One Response to “Today, as all days… I’m with you”

  1. kronnax said

    Yes, sometimes love sounds better in english, but that’s just me…

    Fist of all with your text mixed with that beautiful song on the background no one can really notice any mistakes, as this is your feelings that you’re sharing this is your happiness, as that I just want to congrats you for your fist month longside with your love…

    And I agreed with you on teh point that loving someone and for some reason being apart it sucks deep…

    But returning to my point regarding you r blog… hey… keep going this good work.


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